Exclusive made to order carpets

ATER – carpets with Swarovski crystal patterns
RELIEF / dywany  recznie rzezbione
DIAMOND – hand-knotted carpets with Swarovski crystal patterns
3D – stunning modern 3D carpets
ORIGINAL – exclusive natural fur carpets with application of  leather and suede

You can find in our offer comprehensive service of applying big surfaces with one coloured or multi coloured relief flourishing designed made to order. Irregular space shapes do not make any difficulties.

The art of performing carpets

Our company is the only one in Europe which performs handmade art carpets, we offer masterpieces with relief patterns, unique shapes and carpets made in a frame from Swarovski crystals.

Our customers are looking for some original, picturesque and imitable things. Our carpets combine all these features. They are made by hand in Poland by Polish artists, who sculpture the materials creating incredible pieces and shapes.

The relief suggestions which can appear on a carpet are designed by us on the basis of our customer’s suggestions. We usually use the ideas and patterns which appear in your surroundings (wallpapers patterns, fabric, pieces of furniture).

Because of this every carpet is the only one in each kind, perfectly suits to these concrete interior, its style and is a masterpiece itself.

Our brave ideas are just the first step to the new beginnings, for example in our Original collection we use untypical for carpets manufacturing materials, such as corrugated leather in combination with natural fur and furniture elements, which create such a different and inimitable character of every modern interior design.

Our long experience and perfect abilities make us create on the carpet the unbelievable effect of 3D relief. Our carpets are performed in handmade tufting technology and can be made in every shape and rarely used shapes, dimensions and colours with employing the highest quality materials, decorated with beautifully sparkling crystals of unique cut.

All these features in combination with incredible abilities of our artists guarantee the full satisfaction and meet every sophisticated need of our Customers.